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Another common mix-up between two business options could be a serviced office and a professional office. Serviced office space can be used to provide enhanced office space in a building that is already equipped with all the necessary office equipment regarding office furniture 오피베스트 fixtures, telephony, and internet. Keys cost very little, design costs are less than office space, tenants can sometimes negotiate a lower rent and a serviced office space is great for small start-up companies. In the case of a professional office, tenants will have a completely separate office building with all the equipment and amenities for a high-profile space, all up to five levels.

Other common office mix-ups are shared-office, serviced, executive suites, and executive offices. The most common four-level professional office is a full lease agreement that includes costs such as office space, professional fittings and equipment, office furniture 오피베스트-out and office fit costs. These shared services can increase office space significantly, giving much greater flexibility to the business for better office space, without the commitment or extra cost. Executive suites are a more expensive choice for shared office space because of the perquisites, but it is the most common choice. Executive suites can be offered in each new business being created or can be offered to a business that is relocating from another city or county. The trend of executive suites is rapidly growing since it is now the ‘Executive Office’ of the 21st Century.

Executive suites can be charged at the lowest cost since they can offer huge savings. They may be the ‘bargain of the trade’ for some businesses because the collective rent usually makes up other areas to cover the cost of the suite. With an executive suite, businesses are increasingly opting for this option because it offers tremendous flexibility. Companies can rent the entire suite on a single deal, or they can opt for the premium option of a per-month commercial rental fee. These rental fees can be negotiated between the two parties that plan to rent the space and or alleviate the supplier of excess equipment, internet, and telephone. Multiple suppliers can share the complete suite as a whole package or they can opt for a premium package. The choice is yours to make.

A Shared Office 오피 Space

A Shared Office 오피 Space

A shared office 오피 space can be ideal for a startup business that requires only a small amount of space to run their operations, while your own more established business may require a larger advanced office space. We recommend that you visit at least 3 different office spaces to compare your options for a high-quality stay. For example, we have seen office space starting at $750 per month per desk, space that allows 15 people to share or $800 per month per desk. A 10 person team will cost in the $2,000 to $2,300 range. The higher priced units are typically an older model, tired, over-crowded and not owned directly by the business but are managed by them. The best priced shared office space we saw offered to us was $150 to $300 per seat per person.

If this sounds expensive to you, there are plenty of artificially cheap offices that allow rental tenants to pay to share a space with another tenant on a shared basis. We saw a typical example of this for a simple solution office 오피 in a major city. A virtual office 오피 space rents a unit and its per diem will be the rent (you still have ongoing monthly expenses expect these will be less in size than what the per diem would be for the higher priced shared office 오피 space). This is a great way to rent a temporary office 오피 without the commitment of a long-term rental agreement. It’ll probably get more expensive since, of course, there is no substance that backs up the temporary office 오피 rent, but these are essentially a temporary solution to controlling your monthly expenses.

The other option for temporary office space is using the space by itself, however, this also has a monthly expense and a per diem stipulation. For example, if you want the assistant of 4 people to use your space, you’ll have to pay around 75% of their month’s rent, plus you’ll receive a per person fee. You’ll need to price these packages accordingly

In fact the bundle of functional dissimilarity that you can obtain from a self-contained office 오피 space is virtually unrivaled by a self-contained rental. This can be all the benefits of retail space with a secure meeting space, a professional reception desk, high tech office 오피 equipment and others. This could be the perfect solution for a start-up who doesn’t have a lot of space to shell out and provide significant value for the monthly fee.

While using the space as your own, renting out the space for a monthly fee allows more flexibility. It helps to have some things set up however, to ensure that you don’t end up paying more in the long run than normal. Without a long and detailed application flow, the approval process and security are often more important than the most obvious demographic specializations and experienced requirements. As a general rule, your bicycle rack space, lighting, and a typical friendlier staff are all important to attracting new tenants. Take advantage of them.

Office 오피 Space Planning & Design

Most shared office 오피 space has a little more flexibility for configuration. The vendor may allow to use a floor plan that allows and crate docking stations such as printers, servers, copy space, security and phone/power/fax in your personal office 오피 space. Make use of this so you can better establish your location.

Leverage Your Phone Space

In the office 오피 space basket, you’ll want to know how much phone coverage you need, because it could lead to frustration if you can’t get to potential clients. A common misconception for office set-up rooms is hard phone as a dependent of your wireless voice mail. This is completely the wrong thing to think about. The phone is often the only way you can connect so there’s no question that a few feet of phone area along with a couple of desks will cover a short distance. If you plan the floor space everything in a way that allows for multiple conferencing locations-add up the extra hotel space, jacles and a keyboard-and the next thing you know you are communicating with your firm’s client base.

Internet Capability is the Key for Successful Collaboration

The fact that many shared office 오피 space owners offer internet access is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re a technology savvy Will productivity and tech- focused company, this can be a great perk. But the best feature of a shared office space is easy up and expandability.

By researching your options ahead of time for a temporary location, you can avoid needing to upgrade at a later time. The great thing about interim solutions is that is they provide quick solution and convenience in a pinch, without the commitment of being measured out through a complex of equipment and software.<|office furniture, changes and numerous set up further out of the blue. These tips on outlay. You must get a planner to know that you’re accommodating as well-about the drug and make plans and at the process. Get a professional service to ensure you can easily and price, hardware.


Serviced Office Space 오피사이트

Specifics & Terms:

For a host, the specifics include key areas of the business which typically include the physical infrastructure which includes floor space, wiring, power, and the Latest technology. This initiative is highly valuable to the new tenants as not all businesses have the same needs for these things. Some businesses prefer to rent office space 오피사이트 that has shared services such as a lounge, multiple popular meeting rooms, and other amenities you will enjoy.

Who does it:

In a typical serviced office, the host does not rent out the space but simply helps the tenants rent the office space. The host also manages the typical office needs that tenants might require such as accountants or phone services. The varying needs of the two tenants ultimately help the host tailor their service to best suit both them and the tenant.

On the market:

serviced offices are currently MeshPoint’s best- Registered off-the-market office suite, and as such are taking on more and more tenants. The clientele of a serviced office usually includes people who simply need a place to work in when they have no particular work to do on an ongoing basis (i.e. they want a shared office space when they need it), on a seasonal basis (“just in case something comes up”). Although a serviced office can provide a simple one-stop solution for office suites, this is usually the exception and not the norm.

The typical facilities needed in a serviced office are those which you would expect in a traditional office, except a modern maze of virtual cubicles provides the sense of a traditional workplace.


Based on user feedback, hosted space that is serviced is Tobias 3, meaning that they are easily up and running and cost much less than the traditional on-site a traditional space that would cost at least double the monthly fee per share.

Benefits of shared office space:

o The host can retain their professionalism as long as the tenants need it.

o It saves the host a lot of unnecessary expenses.

o It can work wonders for your business’s image as you avail a shared space able to give full staff support to the tenants.

o Ask the host/holder what the flexible agreement is for each tenant and make it work for you.

o Clients don’t need to work at an awkward time.

o It can work very well for tenants who are looking for professional services to provide them with this office space.

Reasons why not to consider a shared service space: disadvantages of setting up an extra serviced office important to determine whether a shared office space is right for you

Reasons why not to consider a shared office space: advantages of getting your share of a serviced office space

* The typical rental fees, includes the “burden” of the space, not only as a full space as the tenant but also as get to rent this space. A tenant only joins when he is ready to work and is not required to pay for space as a part-time tenant unless he warrants it. So, by only providing the space for the monthly fee, a tenant pays to keep up with costs.

* Rent it out a time and software. The reason for this is that a large building or building block space isn’t just paying for floor space and maintained buildings. Renters also keep the cost up as a part of the rent, rather than paying rent monthly.

* Even when a tenant demands to use the space on a full-time basis, the host can offer outstanding quality assurance and deploy a team to the tenant on rent.

o The host also normally offers a BYOD environment

* The host usually offers budget office space to serve people and rent space that may be used for “on-demand” services and call centers.

o The host usually offers monthly fees for the space. Renters usually pay rent to have access to a whole building and buildings only for a given period calculated in advance.

* Renters save the cost of the equipment necessary for professional use at every work.

* It also saves the rent cost of all additional office equipment or equipment each time they need to take up the space.

o A tenant can therefore save the cost of equipment through economies of having to rent outlay

o meter to the negligible on sufficientserve cost when the rent

Reasons why not to choose a serviced office space

* The host service rates can be limited options of shared serviced offices are generally to be as low as individual unit rent per individual services and services others on rent. This makes it need.o Rentimation process can be costly, so individual or low budget could be only occasionally a few and sporadic and fanciful.

Serviced Office Space

Is a Serviced Office Space Right For You?

So is shared office space right for you. And is it worth paying a set amount of rent per month or is it more of an asset than a liability. When looking at the question, it is important to consider the facts. First, when you say “good question” there is a good chance that you are a responsible person and you will take your coffee and lunch breaks while in a shared office space. An asset in this case, is the serviced office, the rent check that includes the coffee and your lunch are based on your agreement. A liability in this instance is the common contractors. They, take the day off, you pay for the coffee and lunch, they are not hired, they are not in trouble, and you are not responsible. Limiting liability sounds great but what happens if your accountant says that you are in trouble as your account will be the one in trouble. The leasing agreement is doubtful to protect you and the immediate banker or client is not secure either.

Secondly, let’s turn to the benefit of a specific hosted office 오피사이트 space . They offer a set monthly fee that includes space, phone and utilities. The initial fee is the usual start up cost for a business. Networking software and computer systems are usually supplied with the office space package. In this package you will have access to web-based technology and the comfort of using the internet as the main method of information sharing. And, and this is just good value, you will not be limited to office work by means of set dates – your office can be available anytime of the day or night. You do not have to necessarily move to a shared office pursuit but the friends and business associates that are within the same venture can be transferred to each other and set up in the same shared office space. After months of hosting, every person in your team can be located involved in common “stuff” – news, conference calls and other important details.

Now, let’s examine just another option, a serviced office space. To answer the question for you, is it a better seating configuration for your office dream? We always advise those that are moving to a serviced space to move into the virtual space. This is important because, you do not want to be stuck with a 16’x16′ tristarch and a $3000 desk set and do-)). A serviced office space is an offsite location where individuals can visit your business. You simply rent the computer systems, a conference table, and an empty conference room floor for a specific amount of time. It is typically set and forget. You only have to supply the conference room and a boardroom table on a monthly basis and you are done. Deposits only, the internet and phone lines are provided by the serviced office landlord and all costs are paid for out of your company’s paying budget e.g. the rent. This is an ideal solution for those who choose not to need the hassle of hiring a hosting office or do not have the same expenses as renting a space, the costs are fairly visible right from the beginning.


Even though you might still need to move your company to a serviced office and setup each month, this makes it easier to roll out with the virtual business structure for the reason mentioned above that you never deal with one printer, or caterer or fax machine from one shared office space provider. This is a great solution for those that do not want to utilize the space but does not want it to be responsive to your needs. Your company does not need a large landlords’ facility or an expensive office location and is a cost effective solution.

Choose wisely, when you rent out a serviced office, consider location, infrastructure, location and location, as well as cost. And, if you do or you have to relocate your business to one virtual location, make sure that the serviced office space is located near your current business and vendors.<| Once all that is said and done, this is a virtual office solution for you.<| I think I can say it is easy, and when one is available you should grab it, you will then be able to seek the services of a virtual assistant or virtual office the same as you had a traditional one but now a day office along with the increase in competition that is all there is this. Even so you must be careful in your choice of whom you can give outsource your duties around. Tip number 1 would be one would be to research around for any professional in this is, as what are you will charge and look at other like in the event you feel that this is suitable, When they have good or not, or is it worth the same as the other, when you have bought the equipment going to prepare to buy.

Serviced Office 시티안마

How to Negotiate a Serviced Office 시티안마

A key to successful office 시티안마 sharing

A key to successful office 시티안마 sharing is to negotiate a good rental term or agreement with particular businesses so as to have flexibility to extend or modify the rental agreement at any time. Keep in mind that location and size can affect how much you will pay and how owners relate to their rent. This can be negotiated in advance and can save you a lot of hassle and money, especially if you are building an uneasy relationship with a service provider. A transition may be a better option than trying to terminate an agreement earlier than expected. It’s also important to remember that shared offices 시티안마 are not ideal for retail operations because of these 3 factors:

The Conversation: You could have the same problems when renting 16 cent furniture. If you are choosing shared space but can’t agree on the rent then you might consider working with a serviced office provider. You benefit from reduced rent, plus they share the responsibility of the space. I can not stress this enough, the idea is to get your needs met efficiently in the best way possible. I can not tell you every task that a serviced office 시티안마 provider will give you to make the rental agreement as efficient and effective as possible. In this economy the idea is to cut your mileage down as much as possible and not pay for an empty office.

The Well-Equipped Office

With a serviced office 시티안마 space you can get your office  equipped with the latest equipment and software. Network connectivity and technical out-?),Boardroom and reception services, workplace building space, bookkeeping, accounting & tax services are just some of the services a business will rely upon when you rent a shared office 시티안마 space. If you are in need of additional Sage orglobal Brusselsf complicated presentations^ Mediterranean traditions and cultural training, you can access and use these services.

The Jump in terms of monthly rent is similar to that of a serviced office 시티안마 – when you rent a single office instead of offering space to a couple, you automatically enter into a much more flexible rental term. Here is a simple guide on how this works in terms of preparing your business plan and creating a budget.

You make your agreements verbally on the phone & have to agree to the terms. You are getting a much larger space – you get immediate access to the equipment & software and you don’t have to wait until you are paying rent to transition into your shared space. When you choose the right provider for your shared office space 시티안마 you’ll ask for a reasonable rent, with a rental notice on the month you’ll agree to. Be careful, this agreement will automatically renew every month because the rent is specific to the space only – there should not be plans to increase the rent once you have secured the executive suite.

You’ll need to be involved and watch the flow of your new shared office space, start, stop and manage for the installation of equipment and software

When you’re gone for about 4 to 5 months, when you’re leasing a serviced office, you will receive an agreement which will state that in this agreement you will only use the space for the period you rent it for – this is up to 6 months.

Once the service provider has recorded this, he needs to persuade the property owner to register your business name/tablet in the service provider data base. For the contract to be legally valid the rental period will be up at least 3 years.

After the agreement expires, other tenants will be able to lease your serviced office space. When this is complete, you will receive a certificate regarding the number of offices you have in the space and this will only be shown to your chosen serviced office provider or will be given to your broker with the serviced office agreement.

텐프로 업소후기

텐프로,쩜오에서 돈날리며 후회했던 업소후기

주변에 텐프로에 대해 궁금해하는 사람들이 있으니 텐프로,하이쩜오에 대한 업소후기를 적어보겠습니다.
2012년 텐에 처음 발을 들여놓았고 그때부터 중독돼 2020년까지 3년 동안 일주일에 2~3번씩 다녀왔습니다. 지금 생각해보면, 돈을 낭비하고 후회하는 것 같아. 물론 2020년에 일을 그만뒀고 한 번도 가본 적이 없습니다. 저는 다시 평범한 삶을 살고 있습니다. 강남에 텐프로,쩜오 술집이 여러 개 있는데, 가게마다 몇 가지 특징이 있는데 공통점을 적어봅니다.

There are people around me who are curious about Ten Pro, so write it down.
I stepped into Ten for the first time in 2012 and Review 업소후기 got addicted from then on, so I went there 2-3 times a week for 3 years until 2020. Now that I think about it, I feel like I’m wasting my money and regretting it. Of course, I stopped working in 2020 and have never been there before. I’m living a normal life again. There are several Ten in Gangnam, and each store has a few characteristics, but I write down what they have in common.

1. System

It is open until Monday to Friday, and about 15 to 20 girls usually go to work. There are more working girls, but in a week,

That’s the average number of people who go to work a day or two when they rest.m. off.

We have to seat seven ladies so that each of us one is in the room. For example, if there are two people, one person will sit 4 people and the other will sit 3 people Review 업소후기

You have to seat seven people so that there’s one lady in the room. One of my partners, not one of my friends, but one of them

Just one partner My partner came in this time, and the next lady came in with my friend’s partner


Depending on the situation in the other room, only 3 of my partners come in a row, and it’s just random.

And the time when one person sits next to him is just random. I can leave in 10 minutes or 30 minutes I could go.

(The typewriter controls these things…)If it’s a restaurant that has good typography, it works well regularly, but if it’s a restaurant that has bad typography,Review 업소후기

I get annoyed a lot (Laughing)

If you don’t get 7 people right, for example, if you get 6 people right, you don’t have to be more than one person in the room.

If no woman comes in for an hour, there’s nothing to say… Especially on busy days with many customers, GG

Of course, there’s a couple of baby madam underneath the dam. Most Sagimadams have retired from their girlhood for some time

When I don’t have a partner, the Sagimadams always sit next to me and cover me well.

I don’t like all this, and if I want my partner to stay with me, I can tie the girls up.

2. Appearance Review 업소후기

I think there are a lot of people who think Ten will only have celebrity-like looks… It’s not necessarily like that.

Of course, there are basically no ugly children.Let’s say 20 people go to work, and 3-4 people go to karaoke or on the streets

It’s worth seeing often, and it’s a pretty level where I can’t even talk to 3 or 4 people personally

Most of the rest are just pretty It’s level… There’s a big difference in personal taste, so I don’t really care

I can’t do this. Anyway, the people I’ve been with, and I’m really qualified to work at Tenpro

There are only 2 to 4 people per store who are considered as celebrity-like. Of course, you can meet them at an entertainment show

Among women, appearance is the best.

It’s not accurate, but it feels like… People who used to be famous in different regions came to Seoul to make money

With the kids who came

I was a trainee for a few years to become a girl group or a celebrity, and I couldn’t stand it. The 60-70 percent that Ten came out

I think it’s working.

3. Price

Lady: 10… per person.If you tie your teeth, it’s 200. (If you’re not popular, you can tie your teeth to 150 with your wife.)

Price: The first bottle is 100 based on the common Windsor Golden Blue, and the second bottle is about 60.

(If you become a regular and get close to your madam, you’ll get a discount.) In my case, I drank the first bottle at 70 and the second bottle at 40

And if you drink 3 bottles, a new bottle comes out as a service, so you can keep 4 bottles plus alcohol)

Band: You can do a band or not…When you drink and play, you usually sing it… Band is 20 per hour

Others: Sagimadambi, Roombi, Waiterbi, etc. You have to catch 40-50 for the guitar alone.

4. Second round Review 업소후기

There is no official secondary. But if there’s no second round, who would pay for Ten? Haha

If you tie it up three times implicitly, Madam will put you in the girl’s car when you go home.

And even if you do the choreography three times, if you go often, you can go out with 99 percent of those who want to go out for the second round.

One of Ten’s specialties is the power Madame has in places like Zumo and Hi Zumo There aren’t many.

But Ten’s madam is the best. When you’re out of your sight, you can’t see your room well

Blinking to death. But Madame serves her guests (especially regulars) like heaven.I mean, I’m a regular and I’m a ma’am

Review 업소후기 almost nothing you can’t do with a shov. to go to some sort ofIf you look at it, you meet everything you want to meet outside

I go to a lot of value clubs and play golf.

Was it last year? Was it Gangnam Patch? There was an incident where some of Ten-Ae were revealed, right?

I haven’t seen all of them, but I know some of them Haha

5. Ladies’ income

The terms of the contract are all different, some get paid, some get paid for their part-time work

It’s all different. However, based on the salary contract,

The average monthly salary is about 2,000. Popular kids get up to 3,000 and if they’re not popular, of course they get less, but below 1500

I didn’t see the lady receiving it. If you go to work for more than a certain number of days, you can get a bonus.

But no matter how much I get, I live in a house with hundreds of monthly rent, and I always have to plastered my clothes with luxury goods when I go to work

Luxury maintenance costs (ten kids don’t even see Gucci or Louis Vuitton as luxury goods..), and I’m constantly investing in various procedures, skin care, body care, plastic surgery, etc., so I haven’t seen any kids actually saving money because they have a lot of money.

There’s a lot of kids with microphones because they don’t have enough pay. For those who don’t have a lot of miking,

It’s a few thousand, but a lot of kids sometimes go over one or two billion. But microphone is a loan without interest

I’m just holding the principal. Instead, you become a slave to the store.

But I’ll catch the people who are thankful (the guests who open and sponsor the mike for the ladies) and do it well

I’ll open it. After the sponsor, I’ll use the microphone again. I’ll meet the thankful person and open the microphone again

It’s often done.

6. Who goes to school?

This isn’t exactly what I’ve checked, but the information they tell me is,

Like me, it is said that about 1% of ordinary people go to school as regulars. I just come here once in a while,

I came here because I was attracted to my acquaintance. In this case, the average person is a bit shy, but I think it’s a good

Ninety percent of them are illegal people.

The other 9 percent are mostly celebrities and athletes. Especially baseball players…I’ve seen a lot of them Haha

There are some regular players, and they are waiting for their wives on the day they come to Seoul. Haha

Most of the guests go to jail regularly, so one of the maids’ business is visiting

They say they do. When I get out of jail, I’ll be a regular again, so I have to take care of it

For your information, I am in my mid to late 30s… I’m almost like a baby when I get to my age Haha

You’re a normal young man, ma’am, ladies, and everybody’s crazy Haha

7. How do you play?

It’s just the same Since all the freight industry is a service industry, the customer is the king and will serve as much as possible

Ten is the ultimate king. You can just go do whatever you want, do whatever you want, and play like a king.

You can do everything you want to do, and whatever you do, you do your best.

I think most of them are addicted to this. When I go to other entertainment stores, no matter how much I pay to play,

There are a lot of times when I’ve been looking at you for a while, and when I’ve been acting a little mean, I don’t like it to be obvious.

Ten is just that I’m the king.When I get stressed at work and in my daily life, I just go to Ten and pay

You’re being treated like a king. For those who have never been there before, the image of Ten Pro is kind of high-end

There are often people who think that you have to behave in a high-quality manner…In fact, it’s the opposite.

go around in circlesIf you look at it, capitalism really feels something…If you pay me, I’ll do everything for you.

It’s getting too long after I use it Hahaha

I’ll have to stay up all night to finish writing about Ten.

I don’t think I’m bragging, and I haven’t been around for more than a year now.

I just wrote it for those who can’t sleep and are curious about what Ten is like.

For those three years, I’ve played like crazy enough to play, and I’ve met and dated all the A.C.E members of Ten Pro

I don’t regret much because I’ve tried everything, but now that I think about it, it’s a waste of money I spent over those three years Haha


What is a Chiropractic 킹안마 massage

massages today are usually provided by a masseur or Massage Professional.

To perform a massage, the masseur or massage therapist uses his/her hands to apply pressure and manipulate the various joints and muscles via movement and friction.

Chiropractic 킹안마 massage massage is based on the real functional and pathological significance of the joints and muscles of the spine. It also deals with correction and healing of the pathological condition by the application of pressure and mechanical influences.

Chiropractic 킹안마 massage is a technique that must be mastered by a massage therapist to be able to work effectively. It is important to observe these factors when considering a massage:

1. The therapist cannot control the movements

The movements that the masseur applies are those made with the arms, the fingers and sometimes feet only

2. The range of movement is limited

The range of movement actually depends on several factors, including:

3. The strength of the muscles involved

The condition of the spine or joints in the spine is dependent upon the strength of the muscles involved in the movement. Before a manual therapist can work with joints and muscles, he/she must have sufficient strength to perform these movements.

ne quire strength to do the movements

the number of joints that can be worked

the time in which each joint can be worked

the fact that every joint of the body is unique and properties which need special attention

the fact that every instance of movement of the joints and every bit of movement affects the integrity of the whole spine e.g. the spine and muscles

4. The joints are only moved at a speed that can be controlled

the speed at which the joints are moved is dependent upon the speed of the movement and also the mass of the joints. Too much speed and too much movement may cause undesired results.

5. Joints are not placed in the right manner

usually joints are not positioned in the correct manner. Also the joints are not complementary in the manner in which they should function.

6. Chiropractic 킹안마 massage is lack of necessary exposure to real life conditions

a. First and foremost there must be adequate facilities for exposure to real life conditions.

b. There must be facilities sufficient for the rid of all stresses and strains that real life metlifethat can cause.

c. There must also be facilities to work with hazards

d. Proper facilities for the catering to real life conditions and the safety of the working environment

e. The minimum time period for a treatment may be adequate.

f. permissible goals for treatment and also facilities for deviation from those goals

g. utmost possible facility for the treatment to be concentrated on the frail parts of the body.

h. The working environment must be one that enables the worker and his family members to directly react to their own health problems.

i. There must be facilities for the occasional away ( overnight to recover from one treatment).

j. Of course it may be Picture perfect and fully sanitary environment.

오피플런 브람스 안마의자

오피플런 Massage Chair Therapy

From full body massage to thermal therapy, 12 modes 오피플런 massage chair ‘Brahms Luca’

오피플런 announced that it would launch a new Brahms massage chair, Luca.

오피플런’s Brahms massage chair Luka adopts the latest SL frame to implement a tight-fitting massage following the curves of the human body, and 4 massage balls provide a delicate ergonomic massage from the neck to the buttocks muscles.

In addition, it is equipped with a quick side button for convenient control without a remote control, and a built-in USB port allows you to enjoy a more fun massage without worrying about the battery.

오피플런’s Brahms Massage Chair Luka with automatic body recognition function automatically detects the position of the user’s shoulder and analyzes the body shape three-dimensionally and adjusts the position and depth to fit the body, enabling a comfortable massage with high adhesion.

In addition, when installing the massage chair with a sliding drive method, it can be installed if only 5cm from the wall is secured, thereby saving space.

오피플런 said that ‘Brahms Massage Chair Luka’ is equipped with a point LED mood lamp to create a more sophisticated atmosphere. He said that he would highly recommend it if you want to enjoy a massage with various functions at home, with three-step foot rolling massage, whole body air massage, stretching and thermal therapy functions.

‘Brahms Massage Chair Luka’ can be found at a reasonable price on 오피플런.

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To settle down on music therapy

“I feel happy when I listen to 9 minutes of music I like, and my sadness disappears when I listen to OO minutes”. (Research)

When we walk on the street, enter the store, or watch a movie, we listen to music.

Music is an art that cannot be separated from life.

Studies show that just listening to music relieves stress, relieves pain, and improves concentration.

Meanwhile, a new study recently proved the healing power of music.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy/BAST studied the optimal listening time for psychological effects through music.

The research team launched a project called “Music as Medicine” with 7,581 participants.

As a result, 89% of the participants said, “Music is essential for health and happiness.” He saw that everyday life was difficult without music.

Participants were using the music therapy of the 오피사이트 op site for a total of four effects.

90.15% of the respondents answered “to take a rest,” followed by “to feel happy” (81.8%), “to soothe sadness” (46.5%), and “to concentrate” (32.53%).

According to the results of the study, there were individual differences, but it was usually the most relaxing effect when listening to music for 13 minutes.

In particular, slow and simple music without lyrics relaxed muscles and reduced negative feelings.

After listening to the music for 13 minutes, it helped me sleep well while finding peace.

Also, listening to music for 13 minutes improved my concentration. Ninety-one percent of the participants said their heads were clear, so they were able to handle the work well and make clear decisions.

If you want to feel happy, listening to music for nine minutes worked best.

The researchers recommended a song with fast beats and positive lyrics. It was confirmed that 89 percent of the energy level improved when listening to such music, and 65 percent laughed more.

In addition, his attitude toward life has improved and he has made me think positively that I can challenge anything.

The researchers explained that it was a helpful study for doctors looking for new treatments such as anxiety and depression.

Meanwhile, Liz Cooper, founder of the British Sound Therapy Society, has made headlines in the past by creating eight-minute music that helps psychological stability through collaboration with the ambient music trio “Marconi Union.”

The song “Weightless” starts at 60 BPM and slows down to 50 BPM, stabilizing listeners’ heart rates.

Forest therapy

Forest therapy

2 summer vacation spots that are not well known and are good to enjoy in a quiet way

There are times when I want to stay in just one place. In particular, it is more reluctant to move during the heat wave or the rainy season. However, it is too bad that I took the time to spend the whole vacation boringly. I found a fruitful travel destination where I can enjoy a full day in one place. It introduces two unique theme spots in Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, where you can enjoy it quietly because it is not well known.

Happiness of 10,000 won, God Sung Rain Forest Therapy at National Forest Healing Center

National forest healing facilities with programs and accommodations utilizing forest resources such as forest therapy walks, water healing, and meditation. It is a forest welfare institution operated by the Korea Forest Welfare Promotion Agency. When I heard up to here, I expected it to be a calm and slightly boring facility that seems to be mostly for the elderly to rest. However, I was surprised that most of the users were young people in their 20s and 30s, and I was surprised once more that it was so popular that it was difficult to make reservations. It was strange that young people flocked to Yeongju and were enthusiastic about the national forest healing facilities. I looked at what kind of charm was hiding and why they would have gathered them one by looking at it one by one.

First of all, I visited Suu Kyi Yu center. It is said that an exercise program will be held here to relieve stress and relieve muscle tension through underwater activities such as underwater gymnastics. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary swimming pool, but it provides differentiated numerical therapy such as a body pool configured according to human meridian. Noodle therapy strengthens underwater exercise cardiopulmonary endurance and helps relax the mind and body with hydraulic massage. In addition to recovering from fatigue and relieving stress, you can also take “life pictures” against the backdrop of dense trees while breathing the air of Sobaeksan Mountain in the outdoor pool. It is much less crowded than famous hotel swimming pools and water parks, so it is good to enjoy playing in the water quietly. The good price of 10,000 won is also attractive.

The health promotion center has several state-of-the-art healing equipment such as aqua spa, aqua line, sound wave vibration device, and dry half-body bath. You can enjoy all facilities, including expensive massage machines worth 70 million won per unit, unlimitedly for 10,000 won. The green scenery that spreads out of the window is healing just by looking at it. When you’re hungry after loosening up your tight muscles, you can head to a cafe that will help you with caffeine and sugar.

The highlight is “forest healing” where you experience forest resources in the healing center and enjoy a rest in the forest by hanging hammocks on trees. Deck roads such as Masil Healing Forest Road and Solhyanggi Healing Forest Road are easy to walk. If you walk leisurely, do gymnastics, and experience trees, you feel like you’re in a forest. The most precious thing was the sweet rest lying on the hammock in the middle of the forest. Listening to the sound of birds and wind, I drink a lot of phytoncide, so it’s like heaven. In addition, various programs such as tea ceremony experience, singing ball meditation, and balance therapy are always operated at low prices, so let’s break the seal one by one.

You can book individual programs or double rooms, four-person rooms, three meals, and packages including programs through the website. There is also a one-week stay package of six nights and 17 meals. It boasts a much lower price than the soaring hotel and resort fees during the peak season, but reservations are made quickly. There are many group reservations such as schools, and it is said that reservations for October and November are also coming in as word of mouth has recently begun to spread on SNS. It’s always pretty in all four seasons, so if you missed this summer, let’s aim for autumn and winter. Without a car, visiting and moving is tricky.

More on Forest Therapy and Massage Therapy: zlrunop.com

Will it come to mind as “Hot Place”… K-Culture Theme Park Seonbi World

Watching, eating, learning, and spending time like a scholar? On September 3, “Senbi World,” a k-cultural theme park that modernizes tradition based on six themes, including hanok, hanbok, Korean food, Hangeul, Korean paper, and Korean music, will open in Yeongju. The new theme park in Yeongju, which started construction in 2013 and took nearly a decade to build, offers a wide range of experiences in Korean culture through interactive content and high-tech media. It is also worth noting that it is written as “SUNBEE” in English, which means the ideal realization of the sun and the combination of diligent hard work and wisdom of the bee. I visited the scholar world at the end of last month to see if it could emerge as a “Yeongju Hot Place.”

The Seonbi World consists of antique hanok, buildings that reproduce old thatched houses, and observatories. It is said that it will recruit “hip scholars” who will help with overall guidance and perform. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet Hip Seonbi, but there were employees and instructors wearing hanbok, so I could feel like I was traveling in time to the Joseon Dynasty. Various experience programs and exhibitions are being held in each building, including Hanok Village, Hanji Village, and Korean Food Village.

First of all, I visited Dalyewon, a scholar of Hanok Village. When I followed the fragrant scent, a professional tea ceremony teacher’s permanent tea ceremony experience was underway. On this day, it rained, and the sound of rain and tea pouring were heard together, doubling the quiet atmosphere.

Hanji-related experiences, one of the stationery sauas that the scholar always uses with him, are also indispensable. At the Hanji knitting workshop in Hanji Village, Hanji was made in a traditional way by following a demonstration by a Hanji craftsman. You can learn the process of one sheet of hanji. If you pay only the admission fee (15,000 won for adults, 12,000 won for teenagers, 11,000 won for children, and discounts for residents/group members), you can proceed with all such experiences in the Seonbi world unlimitedly. However, there is a separate cost for renting hanbok. There are indoor and outdoor photo booths with various themes where you can wear hanbok and take commemorative photos, such as the AC room, the Doryung room, and the feast table.

It is full of digital experiences using new technologies such as media art made with the motif of Yeongju Gugok Garden, exhibitions of traditional five colors and hanbok textures, and music appreciation rooms where you can sit comfortably and enjoy traditional Korean music by season theme. There were many indirect experience programs, such as filling paintings with screens or climbing up to the main hall and setting up dishes for the scholar’s table through the Soban monitor, and there were also regrets that there would be more experiences such as cooking classes. In particular, it seems necessary to think more about it to convey interest to the children of the generation who are familiar with high-tech devices and are always close to them.

On this day, the Hwalin Atrium Wellness Program was held at Pungwolru, which is scheduled to be used as a viewing point and a venue for the performance where you can look down at the Seonbi world. Under the guidance of instructors of “Breath,” a startup that organizes customized wellness travel contents, he experienced aroma scent meditation, archery, and gymnastics, and sound bath. As I felt the wind blowing pleasantly on the pavilion with my whole body, I was relaxed and fell asleep. In particular, the “sound bath” is the most memorable because you could take a rest just by concentrating on the sound that comes to your ears. It is said that Seonbi World and Breath are planning such a wellness experience as an official program. Personally, it was the most satisfying experience in the scholar’s world, so I hope it will be carried out as an official program.

Overall, when I looked around, I thought it would be much better if I came with my child rather than visiting with adults. There are many programs that can encourage educational effects and interest in children, such as video experiences learning Hangul, indoor playgrounds, and automata performances. This is not everything. There are still things to enjoy, such as performances, festivals, and “Hip Seonbi,” which have not yet been disclosed, to the tastes of the younger generation.

In addition, Seonbi World will have time to listen to and reflect customers’ opinions through the temporary opening. It will be temporarily operated from the 30th of this month to August 15th. It is open to the public for free every weekend and National Liberation Day. From the 25th, you can participate after making a reservation in advance through the notice on the website of Yeongju City Hall, and the number of visitors on the 1st will be limited to 1,500. During the vacation and holiday season, various events such as parade performances, Pungryu Hanmadang, Music Concert, and Flea Market will also be held. There are no accommodations inside the Seonbi World, but it is said to provide discounts in connection with nearby lodging companies, so let’s check before visiting.