Gangnam Swedy City’s first music therapy: 시티안마 뮤직테라피

It is the best assertion of my recent experience. Even though he had a great interest in therapy, and yoga meditation, the music therapy, who was praised this time, felt a different dimension.

At first, I thought that music therapy was a care that comfortable healing music was received in a space that was harmonized with the sound of nature. However, the music therapy I experienced myself was a new world, and I was eager to recommend this experience for those who were loved by me. It was so good.

시티안마 뮤직테라피 Therapy Introduction

301 301

(333m from Exit 3 of Yangjae Station)

Every day 11:00-03:00

It was not difficult to go to Yangjae Station. Walking out of Exit 3 and walking to the first alley, the end of the dead end is located on the 3rd floor of the building on the left.

‘What the hell is music therapy?’

As soon as I entered, I wondered what the place this place was. It wasn’t the atmosphere of receiving the general body care that I thought, it was like a yoga garden or a meditation source, and the instrument was very unfamiliar from the entrance. I wanted to see the instrument and it was not the music I thought.

Therapist Muse said that he will help my music therapy and guidance today. From the first impression, he was full of aura and was very kind.

Music Therapy said he had to take a hot water shower first. While drinking a warm tea, I changed it into disposable underwear and care suit.

Therapy costumes were too exotic. In Gangnam Swedish City’s “MITY ANMA Music Therapy,” the therapy is based on the Hawaiian therapy Romiromi Therapy, so it was very concerned from the atmosphere of the space to a small prop.

The coat was placed in the air washer device in the shower, and it was really good to look around the shower space.

시티안마 뮤직테라피 Treatment

At first, I looked at the sky and laid down and proceeded. To completely lose strength to the body.

This time was completely relaxed with the desire to leave everything to Therapist Muse. The first music was a traditional Hawaiian music, and it was completely immersed from the start of the tremendous and healing aroma oil, breathing and exotic music.

The therapy received from 시티안마 뮤직테라피 was a unique feeling that I had not received anywhere else. I stressed my body as well as the body as well as a modern dance, as well as a modern dance, and my body was stretched together and relaxed completely.

It wasn’t such a massage that was released by pressing something.

In fact, I thought I would heal with this traditional music because of the traditional Hawaiian music.

In addition, I felt that it was really unusual when I know that Seo Taiji and the children know not only ballads. But that wasn’t weird, but I thought it was so good that it was so good with the therapy.

When it was so heightened with a dance song, I was surprised by the enormous energy when I rotated me lying down at the moment. And as it changed from dance songs to ballads, the therapy changed relaxed, and the song that came out was the ‘color’ of singer BMK.

Therapist stroked his face, and then tears poured out. In fact, I endured what I wanted to cry. When I thought about it now, I didn’t press the emotions that came up.

He took off his exterior therapy suit and continued the aroma oil therapy. At this time, the ballad came out, but it was really comfortable and relaxed.

Even though the good aroma flavor, the Therapist Muse’s hand and emotional ballad came out, it was full of thoughts in the middle of the head. There are many anxiety fear of the future, and the tears seemed to pour out as soon as they were recognized.

At the end, Jung Seung -hwan, Akdong musicians, and IU listened to the full healing music of three songs, and the music therapy was completed.

After the music therapy, I gave a warm car and gave me a warm car again.

I felt that there was a tremendous energy exchange with Therapist, and I felt that good energy and wave were conveyed to me.

If you want to stimulate the five senses and purify the energy of your body and mind and boost your energy, 시티안마 뮤직테라피 is really recommended !!