To settle down on music therapy

“I feel happy when I listen to 9 minutes of music I like, and my sadness disappears when I listen to OO minutes”. (Research)

When we walk on the street, enter the store, or watch a movie, we listen to music.

Music is an art that cannot be separated from life.

Studies show that just listening to music relieves stress, relieves pain, and improves concentration.

Meanwhile, a new study recently proved the healing power of music.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy/BAST studied the optimal listening time for psychological effects through music.

The research team launched a project called “Music as Medicine” with 7,581 participants.

As a result, 89% of the participants said, “Music is essential for health and happiness.” He saw that everyday life was difficult without music.

Participants were using the music therapy of the 오피사이트 op site for a total of four effects.

90.15% of the respondents answered “to take a rest,” followed by “to feel happy” (81.8%), “to soothe sadness” (46.5%), and “to concentrate” (32.53%).

According to the results of the study, there were individual differences, but it was usually the most relaxing effect when listening to music for 13 minutes.

In particular, slow and simple music without lyrics relaxed muscles and reduced negative feelings.

After listening to the music for 13 minutes, it helped me sleep well while finding peace.

Also, listening to music for 13 minutes improved my concentration. Ninety-one percent of the participants said their heads were clear, so they were able to handle the work well and make clear decisions.

If you want to feel happy, listening to music for nine minutes worked best.

The researchers recommended a song with fast beats and positive lyrics. It was confirmed that 89 percent of the energy level improved when listening to such music, and 65 percent laughed more.

In addition, his attitude toward life has improved and he has made me think positively that I can challenge anything.

The researchers explained that it was a helpful study for doctors looking for new treatments such as anxiety and depression.

Meanwhile, Liz Cooper, founder of the British Sound Therapy Society, has made headlines in the past by creating eight-minute music that helps psychological stability through collaboration with the ambient music trio “Marconi Union.”

The song “Weightless” starts at 60 BPM and slows down to 50 BPM, stabilizing listeners’ heart rates.

"Refresh" by Kang Changmo (KCM)! Music healing therapy!

“Refresh” by Kang Changmo (KCM)! Music healing therapy! [MK site]

The warm music therapy film “Refresh,” which tells the autobiographical story of Kang Chang-mo (KCM), will visit the screen.

A preview and press conference of the movie “Refresh” were held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Seoul on the afternoon of the 11th. Director Kim Gil-young and actor Kang Chang-mo Hong Kyung-in Myung-hyun attended.

“Refresh” is a cheerful healing movie in which the outdated singer “K” is in charge of music therapy for patients at the National Center for Mental Healing and heals each other while preparing for a music contest with them.
It was directed by Kim Gil-young, who produced music videos such as KCM, Park Bom, and Wax and many web dramas.

MBC variety show, “What do you do when you play?”KCM, who is active in ”s ‘MSG Wannabe’ and KBS ‘Godfather’, played the role of K, a singer who has been out of date. It is based on KCM’s actual experience. On top of that, Hong Kyung-in and Kim Chan-mi, who succeeded in standing alone as actors, and mixed martial arts player Myung Hyun-man worked together.

Kang Chang-mo said, “I feel awkward and sorry to come out of the theater. I was talking about something personal because I had a relationship with the director, and the director asked me if I could write a scenario for this story. So, it was the beginning that I said I could. I didn’t think it would get this big,” he said.

“This seat is awkward. From the time I received the script, it was like a dream that Hong Kyung-in’s brother would appear as a manager, and that all the actors would appear. I still can’t believe it. I kept thinking about it from beginning to end throughout the movie, so it was an opportunity and an experience that I would never have again.”

Gangnam Massage 강남안마 Therapy

Referring to the scene of Kang Chang-mo singing on the night stage, he said, “I felt so strange that I couldn’t express it in words. I couldn’t see anything until the song started and ended. I felt like I was back in the days when I was singing. I was immersed. I felt like I was watching myself 20 years ago. I had mixed feelings,” he confessed.

He said, “There are times when people do well and sometimes they don’t. There are times when I have a hard time and times when I was happy. I was healed by music when I had a hard time.

So, looking at the overall content, the conclusion that I was healed by music is similar to my story. I think anyone in each field will be able to relate to some extent. I hope it will be a healing therapy.”

“Refresh” is scheduled to be released on June 16.



“Music 런피플 Therapy” is a song that’s good to listen to during the holidays

“Music Therapy,” which contains a melody of empathy and healing, provides a relaxed and comfortable sound and is considered a “healing song to listen to on holidays.”

According to Starweve Entertainment, the album “Music Therapy Vol. 1, 2, 3 (subtitle: Put Nature on Music)” was recently released through various online recording sites such as Sinnara Records, Yes24, and Aladdin.

The “Music Therapy” album consists of six CDs each for each volume, and combines various compositions of music such as piano, guitar, jazz, and classical music to provide emotional stability and healing for the public tired of prolonged COVID-19.

In particular, high-quality healing sounds and lyrical and romantic melodies containing all the sounds of nature are expected to continue to be well-received in that they convey comfort to listeners and give time to recharge to many people who need a holiday break.

Meanwhile, while “Music 런피플 Therapy” Vol.1, 2, and 3 albums are recording high sales, Starweve Entertainment plans to release three albums every month in the future.

music therapy

Unusual people’s cheerful music therapy

The movie “Refresh,” made based on the true story of KCM (real name Kang Chang-mo), is about singer K, who is in charge of music therapy for patients at the National Center for Mental Healing, and heals each other while preparing for a music contest with them.

Singer KCM debuted in 2004 and established itself as a representative singer in the ballad world with an unrivaled voice through songs such as “Black and White Photo” and “To Eun-young.” After that, what do you do when you play on MBC entertainment show?KCM, who has reached his second heyday as an MSG wanna-be in ”, will take on his first screen challenge with the movie ‘Refresh’, which is based on his career as a singer.

In the film, KCM personally plays the forgotten singer ‘K’ who prepares for a music contest by forming a team called ‘Refresh’ with people who are alienated from society. KCM, who has entered a new field for the first time since his debut, will show a pleasant performance. Hong Kyung-in, a luxury actor, plays the role of Guan Bin, a manager of loyalty who has been with singer “K” for 20 years, showing perfect harmony with KCM.

Actress Kim Chan-mi plays the role of musician Hyun-joo, who is being treated for disaster trauma, and heralds a sweet duet with KCM, raising fans’ expectations to the fullest. Mixed martial arts fighter Myung Hyun-man stars in the role of a ‘bunch’ with anger management disorder. “Buto Dance” Seo Seung-ah meets the audience as Jinyoung, who is receiving alcoholism treatment.

‘Refresh’ advocates a music therapy(zlrun114.com) film. Along with a copy of “Cheerful Music Therapy,” it makes us look forward to the pleasant challenges that will unfold in the future as different people prepare for one goal of a music contest. Released on February 16.