Forest therapy

Forest therapy

Happiness of 10,000 won, God Sung Rain Forest Therapy at National Forest Healing Center

National forest healing facilities with programs and accommodations utilizing forest resources such as forest therapy walks, water healing, and meditation. It is a forest welfare institution operated by the Korea Forest Welfare Promotion Agency. When I heard up to here, I expected it to be a calm and slightly boring facility that seems to be mostly for the elderly to rest. However, I was surprised that most of the users were young people in their 20s and 30s, and I was surprised once more that it was so popular that it was difficult to make reservations. It was strange that young people flocked to Yeongju and were enthusiastic about the national forest healing facilities. I looked at what kind of charm was hiding and why they would have gathered them one by looking at it one by one.

First of all, I visited Suu Kyi Yu center. It is said that an exercise program will be held here to relieve stress and relieve muscle tension through underwater activities such as underwater gymnastics. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary swimming pool, but it provides differentiated numerical therapy such as a body pool configured according to human meridian. Noodle therapy strengthens underwater exercise cardiopulmonary endurance and helps relax the mind and body with hydraulic massage. In addition to recovering from fatigue and relieving stress, you can also take “life pictures” against the backdrop of dense trees while breathing the air of Sobaeksan Mountain in the outdoor pool. It is much less crowded than famous hotel swimming pools and water parks, so it is good to enjoy playing in the water quietly. The good price of 10,000 won is also attractive.

The health promotion center has several state-of-the-art healing equipment such as aqua spa, aqua line, sound wave vibration device, and dry half-body bath. You can enjoy all facilities, including expensive massage machines worth 70 million won per unit, unlimitedly for 10,000 won. The green scenery that spreads out of the window is healing just by looking at it. When you’re hungry after loosening up your tight muscles, you can head to a cafe that will help you with caffeine and sugar.

The highlight is “forest healing” where you experience forest resources in the healing center and enjoy a rest in the forest by hanging hammocks on trees. Deck roads such as Masil Healing Forest Road and Solhyanggi Healing Forest Road are easy to walk. If you walk leisurely, do gymnastics, and experience trees, you feel like you’re in a forest. The most precious thing was the sweet rest lying on the hammock in the middle of the forest. Listening to the sound of birds and wind, I drink a lot of phytoncide, so it’s like heaven. In addition, various programs such as tea ceremony experience, singing ball meditation, and balance therapy are always operated at low prices, so let’s break the seal one by one.

You can book individual programs or double rooms, four-person rooms, three meals, and packages including programs through the website. There is also a one-week stay package of six nights and 17 meals. It boasts a much lower price than the soaring hotel and resort fees during the peak season, but reservations are made quickly. There are many group reservations such as schools, and it is said that reservations for October and November are also coming in as word of mouth has recently begun to spread on SNS. It’s always pretty in all four seasons, so if you missed this summer, let’s aim for autumn and winter. Without a car, visiting and moving is tricky.

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