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Treble Therapy “It’s more fun to experience even if you sweat a lot.””

On the 9th, the second day of the 4th Social and Economic Fair, many people also visited the site. Experience programs that allow users to purchase products from social economy companies at low prices and participate in person gave participants joy.

Visitors playing the game at the modern play experience booth hosted by Travel Therapy
Visitors playing the game at the modern play experience booth hosted by Travel Therapy

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Hands faster than the light of the scab

Visitors to the fair are participating in a slap-match game, one of the experience programs. As soon as he caught the ticket, regardless of age or gender, he began to sweat. If 10 tickets are handed over within a limited time, products worth 70,000 won will be provided (first-come, first-served). Travel Therapy is playing ttakji at the modern play culture experience booth. Lee Hyo-seok, manager of Travel Therapy business team, said, “COVID-19 is reducing the experience of outside activities or activities using the body,” adding, “I hope you will make pleasant memories through experience.” He then said, “I hope you can come to Yeongju Gwansagol and participate in the ‘King of the Dagjigi’s King of the Kings’ match, which will cost 3 million won in total prize money in October.”

How much is this?

Visitors who are interested in Dongchung Herb in cups, a product of Naju Agricultural Co., Ltd. Visitors asked questions about the product for quite a long time. There was a great interest in the food booth at the fair. Social economy companies that handle a variety of products from health foods to snacks participated in the food zone.

If you participate, you’ll get a lot! Spin the wheel!

Visitors gathered to participate in the event prepared by the Gyeongju City Social and Economic Council. If you spin the wheel, you will receive souvenirs, including flower pots and gift certificates. More than seven social and economic organizations, including Art World Co., Ltd., Sundeulim Co., Ltd., Flower Field Playground Co., Ltd., and Duri CNS Co., Ltd., participated in the council booth.

Poster image frame of social economy fair where you can choose by taking 4-cut photos

Let’s make memories at the social economy fair

Visitors taking commemorative photos at the photo booth hosted by Poasis. If you visit the experience zone in the exhibition hall, you can take polaroids and four-cut photos for free. The four-cut photo also provides a limited edition frame containing the image of the Gyeongju poster at the 4th Korea Social and Economic Fair. Kwon Moon-jung, head of the department, said, “I hope we can leave the fair as a pleasant memory while taking pictures.”

The experience zone is crowded with participants

The fair experience zone program was created as a time for men and women of all ages to enjoy together. An elderly man who visited the fairground is participating in the event. If you win the event, you can get a coupon, which you can use at the booth inside the exhibition hall.

How far have you spent on social economy?’ Show at the entrance of the exhibition hall

The video “How far have you used the social economy” produced in cooperation with Lee Rowoon Net and the Seoul Cooperative Support Center was screened at the entrance of the exhibition hall. The video, filmed by Lee Ki-dae, the team leader of the Seo Cooperative Center, and edited by Song Min-soo, editor of Lee Rowoon Net, gave visitors a small pleasure.