Unusual people’s cheerful music therapy

The movie “Refresh,” made based on the true story of KCM (real name Kang Chang-mo), is about singer K, who is in charge of music therapy for patients at the National Center for Mental Healing, and heals each other while preparing for a music contest with them.

Singer KCM debuted in 2004 and established itself as a representative singer in the ballad world with an unrivaled voice through songs such as “Black and White Photo” and “To Eun-young.” After that, what do you do when you play on MBC entertainment show?KCM, who has reached his second heyday as an MSG wanna-be in ”, will take on his first screen challenge with the movie ‘Refresh’, which is based on his career as a singer.

In the film, KCM personally plays the forgotten singer ‘K’ who prepares for a music contest by forming a team called ‘Refresh’ with people who are alienated from society. KCM, who has entered a new field for the first time since his debut, will show a pleasant performance. Hong Kyung-in, a luxury actor, plays the role of Guan Bin, a manager of loyalty who has been with singer “K” for 20 years, showing perfect harmony with KCM.

Actress Kim Chan-mi plays the role of musician Hyun-joo, who is being treated for disaster trauma, and heralds a sweet duet with KCM, raising fans’ expectations to the fullest. Mixed martial arts fighter Myung Hyun-man stars in the role of a ‘bunch’ with anger management disorder. “Buto Dance” Seo Seung-ah meets the audience as Jinyoung, who is receiving alcoholism treatment.

‘Refresh’ advocates a music therapy(zlrun114.com) film. Along with a copy of “Cheerful Music Therapy,” it makes us look forward to the pleasant challenges that will unfold in the future as different people prepare for one goal of a music contest. Released on February 16.