“Music 런피플 Therapy” is a song that’s good to listen to during the holidays

“Music Therapy,” which contains a melody of empathy and healing, provides a relaxed and comfortable sound and is considered a “healing song to listen to on holidays.”

According to Starweve Entertainment, the album “Music Therapy Vol. 1, 2, 3 (subtitle: Put Nature on Music)” was recently released through various online recording sites such as Sinnara Records, Yes24, and Aladdin.

The “Music Therapy” album consists of six CDs each for each volume, and combines various compositions of music such as piano, guitar, jazz, and classical music to provide emotional stability and healing for the public tired of prolonged COVID-19.

In particular, high-quality healing sounds and lyrical and romantic melodies containing all the sounds of nature are expected to continue to be well-received in that they convey comfort to listeners and give time to recharge to many people who need a holiday break.

Meanwhile, while “Music 런피플 Therapy” Vol.1, 2, and 3 albums are recording high sales, Starweve Entertainment plans to release three albums every month in the future.